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Leaders: How Did You Sleep Last Night?

[fa icon="calendar'] Mar 6, 2017 10:25:33 AM / by Dr. Rob Bogosian posted in Management skills, Leadership

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Did you get a good night sleep last night? If you answer “yes” you may be sleep deprived. If you answered “no” you may be sleep deprived. Actually, not everyone is sleep deprived but those who are may not realize it and answer, “yes” to this question. But there are some clear signs of sleep deprivation that adversely impact the quality of your decision-making, innovation, risk tolerance and interpersonal connections at work.

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Employee Accountability: How to Get it and How to Keep it

[fa icon="calendar'] Jan 31, 2017 10:33:28 AM / by Dr. Rob Bogosian posted in Management skills, employee accountability

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The issue of Accountability often comes up in leadership discussions. In many organizations there isn’t agreement about what it is, how to get it and how to keep it. Many leadership discussions sound like this, “We need an Accountability Culture” and “We need Accountability Training”. When I ask leaders to explain why they believe they need this type of culture and training, three common responses emerge:

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Managing Millennials: A Force to Reckon With – Success Starts with a Culture of Voice

[fa icon="calendar'] Dec 15, 2016 1:56:53 PM / by Dr. Rob Bogosian posted in Management skills, Millennials in the Workplace

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Millennials, according to the National Center for Health Sciences, will exceed the 100 million mark due to the highest birth rate since the Boomer generation. This means that the millennial population will become a force to reckon with in the work place.

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Can Nice Leaders Finish First?

[fa icon="calendar'] Aug 11, 2016 11:30:00 AM / by Dr. Rob Bogosian posted in Management skills, Bad Leadership, Leadership, Best leadership practices

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Think of the best person for whom you ever worked. What did they do that worked so well for you? When did they screw up? What happened after they screwed up? Chances are you have had both good and bad “Boss” experiences.

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